Management, optimization and installation of Wi-Fi networks for multiple units in Montreal and throughout Quebec

DuoCable offer Wi-Fi network management, optimization and installation service for multiple unit building in Montreal and everywhere in Quebec. Offer more to your tenants by giving them a fast and reliable residential internet connection.

Investing in a network system for Wi-Fi increases the value of your homes. You can increase the rent while leaving tenants enjoy a quality Wi-Fi network. By choosing DuoCable, everyone wins!

Icone consultation

Consulting and planning

Our expert team takes the time to evaluate your needs and to set up an optimal strategy for the installation of your network. DuoCable give you the right time and informs you of all the best options for your situation.

If you already possess a Wi-Fi network with another company but you’re not satisfied, DuoCable can optimize it and help you with it.

Icone installation

Set up and installation

Once the Wi-Fi installation planning has been thoroughly completed, our technicians will proceed with the installation. All our professionals are certified on Ubiquiti technology and structured cabling. This allows you to benefit from recognized expertise and to ensure that your buildings are equipped with the best wireless internet system.

Icone assistance technique

Network maintenance

DuoCable wants you to have the best wireless internet system. For this reason, we also take care of maintenance. Our expert technicians quickly identify problems and intervene effectively on site to maintain the quality of your facilities. Do not be afraid of a drop-in quality of service with DuoCable, we know our systems and we know how to keep them at their best.

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Technical support

We are the professional of wireless internet networks and we put all our knowledge at your benefit. You had noticed a problem? Do you have trouble with a step? Contact the technical support of DuoCable to find the solution of your problem quickly. Our database and our staff got all the answers that you need.

Icone hébergement cloud

Cloud hosting service multi-unit building

Do not bother with heavy installations to manage your network. DuoCable has all the essential technology to manage your Wi-Fi network entirely in the cloud. Learn about our cloud hosting service and discover how DuoCable is always delivering more.

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Frequently asked questions from our customers

DuoCable is always happy to answer all your questions. For you to find your answers quickly, we took note of 4 frequently asked questions.

Which products are used?

DuoCable specializes in Ubiquiti equipment. With our expertise and knowledge, you will always have a reliable and efficient network. Our network maintenance service ensures quality service for your tenants

Who manage the network?

Your network will be 100% configured for your needs, whether to offer network access with a simple password or access by user code, our team takes care of everything.

Do you offer support to tenants?

DuoCable offers the support service to your tenants. In Case of problems for the connection on the Wi-Fi network, our specialists are there to provide support.

Who provides the internet connection?

DuoCable also provides internet connection. We have several packages to offer depending on your needs and your region.

You didn’t find the answer to your question? Call us at (833) 319-0173!

Contact DuoCable right now to benefit from our quality wireless network service

Equip your buildings from now on by trusting a team that has more than 10 years of experience. Whether you are located in Montreal or everywhere else in Quebec, DuoCable has the solution that you are looking for. Contact us now to talk with our experts.